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Acamprosate Calcium (Campral, Mercapto, Acampral)


Acamprosate Calcium is the active ingredient of the following trade name medications:
Active Ingredient Trade Name Drug Category
Acamprosate Calcium Sold as Campral in North America Anticraving
Sold as Mercapto in India Anticraving
Sold as Acampral in India Anticraving

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Acamprosate Calcium

Quantity Web Price Phone-in
Manufacturer button 333 mg tablet 90 tablets $97.20 $1.080 per pill $116.64 $1.296 per pill +Add to Cart
180 tablets $172.80 $0.960 per pill $207.36 $1.152 per pill +Add to Cart
360 tablets $298.80 $0.830 per pill $358.56 $0.996 per pill +Add to Cart

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