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Telmisartan - HCT (Cresar H, Micardis HCT)

Blood Pressure

Telmisartan - HCT is the active ingredient of the following trade name medications:
Active Ingredient Trade Name Drug Category
Telmisartan - HCT Sold as Cresar H in India Blood Pressure
Sold as Micardis HCT in North America Blood Pressure

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Telmisartan - HCT

Quantity Web Price Phone-in
Manufacturer button 40 mg - 12.5 mg tablet 30 tablets $33.09 $1.103 per pill $39.71 $1.324 per pill +Add to Cart
60 tablets $60.40 $1.007 per pill $72.48 $1.208 per pill +Add to Cart
90 tablets $84.83 $0.943 per pill $101.79 $1.131 per pill +Add to Cart
120 tablets $109.25 $0.910 per pill $131.10 $1.092 per pill +Add to Cart

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  1. What can you tell me about high blood pressure (hypertension)?

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