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Selegiline (Selgin, Eldepryl)


Selegiline is the active ingredient of the following trade name medications:
Active Ingredient Trade Name Drug Category
Selegiline Sold as Selgin in India Antiparkinson
Sold as Eldepryl in North America Antiparkinson

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Manufacturer button 5 mg tablet 90 tablets $28.92 $0.321 per pill $34.70 $0.386 per pill +Add to Cart
200 tablets $59.98 $0.300 per pill $71.98 $0.360 per pill +Add to Cart
300 tablets $83.55 $0.279 per pill $100.26 $0.334 per pill +Add to Cart
400 tablets $107.12 $0.268 per pill $128.54 $0.321 per pill +Add to Cart

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