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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sun Pharma and Intas Pharma, the manufacturing facilities that manufacture Nodict and Naltima have FDA approval?

Short Answer

Yes they do

Long Answer

Sun Pharma is the supplier of Nodict  which is a compressed tablet with a thin coating. (Sun Pharma has confirmed that Nodict does not have time-released formulation.)  Sun Pharma meets not only FDA approval, but other international standards as well.  Read more here.

River Pharmacy also uses Intas Pharmaceuticals as one of their suppliers of Naltrexone. Their brand is called Naltima. Naltima is a compressed tablet without the thin coating.  Naltima does not have time-released formulation either.  Intas also meets FDA and international standards. Read more here.

When it comes to people's health, especially when it involves addictions and life-saving medications, it is important that patients have confidence in the medications they are using. In this case, both manufacturers have excellent credentials and there is little difference between the brands Nodict and Naltima.


Additional Information

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