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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my password case-sensitive? How can I choose a good one?

Short Answer

Yes, your password case-sensitive. Please make sure you type it in correctly.

Long Answer

As an added level of security, we have implemented case sensitive-passwords. This means that our system will consider upper case and lower case to be different characters.

So, if someone tries to guess your password (or runs a program to try to guess it), and your password was:

  • K0oOl_TunZ

They would have to try:

  • K000L_TUnZ
  • Koo0L_TuNZ
  • KOo0l_TunZ
  • ko00l_tUNz
  • ko0ol_tunz
  • kOOol_TUNZ

and many thousands of other combinations, just to guess the correct password.

Even if software tries 100,000 passwords every second (which our system will not allow anyway), a 10-character password with 96 possible combinations for each character (all printable characters) would take 21 million years to try every combination.

Remember, always try to choose a unique password. To help reduce the chance of others guessing, never use a password that you have seen before.

Please read some of the links below for suggestions on making a good password.

Additional Information