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Frequently Asked Questions

What drugs are effective in treating COVID-19

Short Answer

Some researchers believe that Anti malarial drugs including Chloroquine Phosphate or Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) in combination with Azythromycin may be effective in treating COVID-19

Long Answer


Covid-19 is caused by the coronavirus which affect lungs and airways.  Signs of Covid-19 include experiencing a cough, fever or shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. The symptoms are similar to other illness such as cold and flu.


A new study in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents has found early evidence that the combination of hydroxychloroquine, a popular anti-malaria drug known under the trade name Plaqenuil, and antibiotic azithromycin (aka Zithromax) could be especially effective in treating the COVID-19 coronavirus and reducing the duration of the virus in patients.  Chloroquine Phosphate is also in a class of drugs called antimalarias and amebicides.



Anti-malarial drugs are generic and relatively cheap. Their uses date back to World War II, derived from the bark of the Chinchona tree, like quinine, a centuries-old antimalarial.


Malaria is a disease that is caused by a parasite, unlike COVID-19. Nevertheless, laboratory studies show chloroquine is effective at preventing as well as treating the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, a close cousin of COVID-19.

"The way that it worked against SARS was by preventing of the attachment of the virus to the cells. Chloroquine interfered with the attachment to that receptor on the cell membrane surface," Horovitz said. "So it’s disrupting a lock and key kind of mechanism of attachment."